The Joy That Our Pets Bring Us

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Pets make wonderful companions and friends. All pet lovers know how precious the bond is between us and our animal friends. It doesn't matter whether the pet is a cat, dog, bunny, ferret, hamster, fish, or bird; our pets are part of our family. We all know the joy that our pets can bring us.

Unfortunately, we also know the sadness and heartbreak from losing a pet. They don't stay with us forever, not in this world anyway. We know when we first bring them into our homes that we'll be losing them someday, and yet we realize the happiness that they'll bring us will far outweigh the sadness we'll feel after they're gone. We never know for sure how they'll leave us, whether it will be from a tragic accident, fighting with another animal, or from dying of old age. What we do know, is that they'll be in our hearts forever. We should only think of the happiness they'll bring us while they're here, and the sweet memories they'll leave us with after they're gone.

They always know that we love them. They can feel the bond just as we can. Pet lovers realize that animals are much more intelligent than they're often given credit for. Animals also very aware of the people who don't like them; cats especially. Unfortunately there are people out there who harm animals, so who can blame them for often being weary toward people? But once an animal has formed a close bond with those of us who care for them, that bond will never be broken.

For those of you who currently don't have pets, you don't know what you're missing out on! If you have been considering getting a pet, you should go for it. Your pet will offer you comfort, happiness, laughter, and love. I would recommend you going to a shelter to pick out your pet. Shelter cats and dogs deserve a second chance at life. Not only will you be getting yourself a wonderful companion, but you'll be saving a life as well. The pet you choose will be more thankful than you'll realize. You must also make sure that the animal has its shots. If the shelter didn't give them their shots, then please make a vet appointment as soon as you can. It is the law in most places now that cats and dogs must have their rabies shots. Please spay or neuter the animal as well. Spayed and neutered pets are very comfortable, happy, and less aggressive -- much more so than those pets who aren't.

If you can take good care of your pet(s) and spend time with them, they will love and appreciate you. The bond you'll share with them will last forever.

Tips for Choosing a Terrarium Animal

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An animal terrarium, also called a vivarium, is a wonderful way to blend the satisfaction of having a small pet with the aesthetic beauty of a terrarium. This article will help you choose which type of animal is right for your terrarium.

There are some quick rules of thumb you should consider before you build your terrarium. The first rule is that the animal comes first. Everything should be designed for the comfort and happiness of the animal. Some of these considerations will concern humidity, types of plants, amount of water, and whether the cage should be fully enclosed.

The second biggest consideration is toxicity. Because you are going to have plants and soil you may be using some kind of fertilizer. Never use chemical fertilizers; stick with all natural fertilizers. And when cleaning your tank never use toxic cleaners. I recommend you use simple green or another type of non-toxic cleaner.

Two more things to consider are the size of the animal and its behavior toward other animals. Only choose a pet that is small and will stay small. And never mix pets that will eat each other.

If you are an absolute beginner to pets and to terrariums I recommend you start with field crickets as your pet. They are very hardy, easy to maintain, easy to feed, and are quite fun to watch. They make an excellent first pet. Of course, if you upgrade to another type of pet you may have to remove the crickets because many of the pets suitable for a vivarium will deem crickets to be food.

There are two basic types of animal terrariums: Dry and wet. This is self-explanatory but it is important to note that dry terrariums are much easier to maintain so if you are a beginner to this hobby you should probably stick with them. And remember that dry doesn't mean no water at all. You should always keep a small dish of water in the terrarium as a minimum regardless of what type of pet you are keeping.

Some of the pets that are suitable for a dry terrarium include:

American Chameleon - These are easy to care for and inexpensive
Toads, but with a caveat - They are great when they are small but when they grow bigger they can be a bit of a hassle
Hermit crabs - Can be OK in dry cages but absolutely must have a water dish and things to climb on. You need to spray mist them regularly too. Best for them is a wet bottom terrarium with plenty of options for climbing to stay dry
Land Snails - Need a high humidity environment and will dig if your substrate is soil
Leopard Geckos

A Wet Vivarium can be an environment that has a portion of the bottom filled with water or be an aquarium tank where the complete bottom is filled to a depth of several inches. This does add the challenge of making sure you have clean water and even a filtration system. Some pets, such as tadpoles, absolutely require large amounts of filtered water for their well being. This type of terrarium is much more of a challenge than the dry type and you should tackle this kind only after having successfully kept a dry one for a period of time.

Some common and easy to care for wet pets are:

Green Tree Frogs
Red Bellied Toads
Dwarf African Frogs
Fire Bellied Frogs
Fire Bellied Newts

So Which Pet should you choose? I recommend that if you are a beginner to vivariums you choose a pet from the dry list (because they are easier to maintain). Research the requirements of the pet you have chosen and build your terrarium accordingly. If you are looking for a bigger challenge, have a bit of skill, or want a more dramatic terrarium then choose something from the wet pet list. If you follow these simple steps you will build yourself a nice little animal enclosure that will keep your animal happy and bring you lots of fun in observing it and caring for it.

Pets in Hollywood

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Humans love animals and they especially love animals with humanlike personalities and traits. For this reason, many of the most popular films are either centered on animals or have animals as important characters. Even in a movie that has little or nothing to do with animals, a pet can add a certain emotional something to a film's plot.

There is no end to the type of pet that a film can feature. As expected, dogs and cats, the two most popular pets, make up the majority of animal characters in films. But many other less common pets have had starring roles also. Snakes, rats, pigs, rabbits, horse and many others have touched our lives through their uncanny ability to personify humans in ways that humans just can't do.

Most movies that feature pets as central characters are family movies that carry an important life lesson of some sort. These are not necessarily kid's movies in the way one thinks of them and can often contain serious subject matter. These films are made with the purpose of giving families a platform around which delicate subjects can be discussed. Often kids have an easier time understanding subjects like death and illness if they see it through the eyes of one of these personified animals.

These days, computer animation and graphics allow for an entirely new generation of pet movies to be made. Animals that before would never have been seen in a film are now showing up on the big screen in life like forms. Whether they are lions, elephants, polar bears or some other exotic animal, video stores now have hundreds of titles offering human like performances from any type of animal imaginable.

Most animal movies carry with them at least a little comedy. Even the saddest of classics such as Bambi or Charlotte's Web contain plenty of humor to relieve the tension and make the movie bearable. These movies almost always carry with them themes of human experiences and a message of hope. Kids learn that though life carries with it man pains and sorrows, we learn to live with those facts and enjoy life for its good times.

Perhaps one of the best parts of pet movies is the way they are able to use stereotypes we associate with certain types of pets in a non-offensive manner. For instance, the age old conflict between cats and dogs is often portrayed in a fun and non violent way in the movies. If these lifelong enemies can find a way to live in harmony, then certainly we humans should have no trouble doing so. Perhaps it si the fact that animals have so much to teach us about ourselves that makes us love them so much in the movies. Through animals we are able to take a look at our own humanity or lack of it and perhaps do something to improve our own lives.

Pet Adoption Rescue is a Sad Necessity in This Country

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The act of pet adoption rescue is a profound activity that tragically takes place in this country on a daily basis, much too often. All types of animals are abused, neglected or discarded as if the bonds that they have established with human beings are of no significance whatsoever.

The sad fact is that many animals that are abandoned on the street end up in an animal shelter where, in many cases, because no one adopts them, they will be put to death. This tragedy plays itself out over and over each day in every city across the United States.

The need for pet rescue is so overwhelming because there simply are not enough loving homes for the pets that are born in this country each year. If dog and cat owners were more responsible by spaying and neutering their pets, there would be much less of a problem of overpopulation of unwanted animals.

The Humane Society along with countless unnamed tireless individuals, do their best to save as many pets as they can from euthanasia by finding homes for as many animals as possible. Many pet adoption agencies are staffed by volunteers who give up their precious time to make sure dogs, cats and other pet animals are treated with dignity.

One time-honored recommendation from those in the field of pet rescue is to not buy a pet from the pet store. Often times these animals are bred for profit in what is considered a puppy mill setting. Puppy mills are generally atrocious confines where dogs, cats and other pets live in squalid conditions.

Those who deal with pet adoption rescue contend that purchasing an animal from a pet store just perpetuates the cycle of abuse by supporting puppy mills. Therefore, their suggestion is to get your next pet from your local SPCA or pet adoption center so that you can not only find a great pet, but can contribute to ending animal abuse.

In an ideal world, all pets that are born would receive a loving, caring home. In reality, many pets are treated simply as a commodity and are abused and neglected by their breeders. It is really sad to see animals treated inhumanely because we, as a people, should honor the dignity of every living creature on this earth.

If you want to be part of the solution that reduces the need for pet adoption rescues in this country, first adopt a pet from a local pound or pet shelter. Next, make sure that your dog or cat is spayed or neutered so that there are no unwanted pregnancies. Finally, treat your pet with all the love you have so that it enjoys its short life here on this earth.

About Pet Cages

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Placing animals in cages is generally considered to be a cruel thing, but many people who do not own pets do not know that some animals do not suffer as a direct result of living in a cage, or spending most of its time in a cage. Pet lovers everywhere are looking for better ways to provide a home for their beloved pets, it is the pet owner that is the party which is most interested in its pets comfort and will also go through many difficulties in supplying the best home he can find, build or buy.

This is mostly true when talking about owners of pets who are generally considered dangerous, like snakes and other reptiles, these are animals that you would want to keep away from your living room and on the same time some people love these kind of animals and enjoy watching them grow and live their lives. The solution is a pet cage that will provide security for the pet owner and his family and in the same time give the animal a spacious place to live and spend most of its time.

The pet cages are just a modern version of the animal cage that humans used many years ago to hold their wild animals, after a while these became the domesticated animals and most of them were released out of the cages because of the relationship between the animals and the humans, dogs and cats are an excellent example of animals who were first placed in cages and afterwards granted the freedom of movement which relayed heavily on the connection between pet and owner.

Some pet owners will tell you that some pets like to have a place of their own, a well placed cage can take care of the natural need for a secure space, and the pet cage can also work well in many cases in which the owner needs to transfer the pet to some other location, sometime to a visit to the veterinarian, a flight or while moving to a different house. The great advantage in having a pet that is used to its pet cage is that no matter where you place the pet it will always feel at home if it has the cage nearby.

Deciding on what kind of pet cage you want is sometimes the hardest decision, it is naturally dependent on the kind of pet you have or want to keep in the cage, from rabbits for iguanas, the sort of cage, material and build is completely different. When looking for a pet cage to buy you should always talk to a veterinarian first, and make sure you know what kind of space the animal needs and what will be the health issues you will need to address.

If you are building your pet cage you will probably need to look for good design plans and talk to owners of pets that use all kinds of different cages, you will be amazed at how much information is available on the internet and how much help some people will be willing to offer, all you need to do is try and contact your fellow pet owners.

Simon Oldmann is an avid pet lover, now living in the countryside he setup a dog kennel for his dogs and other features for his many pets, Simon currently writes tips and advice on Pet Cage planning, designing setup and buying

Be Kind to Pets and Animals

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This article topic was in The Record News EMC. The article topic was based on this time of the year, Christmas as a time of faith. Christmas seems to inspire people on Christmas eve to return to their roots of faith, beliefs and in some cases your religion. This is the time of the year where people tend to be more kind, considerate and thoughtful to as they say mankind and now to think of animals as well. Animals deserve kindness, love and faithfulness as well as humans and they deserve it sometime more than others. They cannot speak out and say what they need as a person and they have no one to look out for them either.

You hear of so much cruelty with animals now where people take out how they feel on their pets or animals. If they loose patience with their own situation, stress, home life, job, relatives then it is their pet who seems to take the brunt of their owner's feelings. It seems that a person will reach a limit to what they can deal with and then the pet will maybe the cause of the spark that sets off those feelings. They seem to be the ones that will suffer for whatever other situations are happening then the pet will take the main stay of the problems.

There is a large fear now in animal shelters that with the economic situation the way it is with the job losses rising, cost of living, layoffs, wage cuts and in Ottawa the OC transport strike that there will be more cruelty on the rise for pets. The shelters fear there will be more abandoned animals, more pets given up and more left to starve as the economic crises rises so will the number of pets that end up at the shelter. It seem that people may not be able to afford to keep their pets when they have a hard time trying to feed their families, keep ahead of bills etc if they have no income. This same economic crises means there will be no extra to feed that favorite stray animal, take that stray animal in to care for or aid. This is the main thought that people will not be able to add that extra support for their own pet or aid the lovable stray because they will have to hard a time trying to keep themselves above water.

The shelters fear that more and more pets will end up there either as strays, abandoned pets or pets given up because they can no longer be cared for at home. This means the shelters could be over run with even more pets but also the fact that there will not be as many people to adopt these pets because they cannot afford to even think about taking on another mouth. The only thing that will help with pets given up to shelters in this economic crises is that the pet maybe safe from abuse in the home if the home is suffering from stress of tough situations.

The hope is that people will not take their hurt feelings out on their pets and love them as part of the family not as another burden to feed. Pets cannot help the economic situation and should not be made to feel that what their owner is suffering from is there fault. Pets only know to give unconditional love and should not be abused or mistreated because of this. The worse thing to see on an animals face is the look of wondering what they ever did to deserve such treatment when all they did was love you.
I only hope everyone will take hope to get through a tough situation and treat there pets with love and kindness as the themselves the pet owner would like to be treated.

This article has a poem which I will place here written by Albert Schweitzer which is a great time of the year to inspire everyone now.


Hear our humble prayer,

O God, for our friends the animals,

especially for animals who are suffering;

for animals that are overworked, underfed and cruelly treated;

for all wistful creatures in captivity that beat their wings against bars;

for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry;

for all that must be put to death.

We entreat for them all

Thy mercy and pity,

and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion

and gentle hands and kindly words.

Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals,

and so to share the blessings of the merciful.

Christmas is a time to look ahead at what can be achieved to help the animals that have no home, have known no love and deserve both. Break the cruelty to animals so others will learn that it is no way to treat an animal.

Tips on Owning Small Animal Pets

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Small pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, and rats are intelligent, curious and easy for a child to care for when properly taught. With proper care they can provide several years of
companionship for the child. They are lively and fun to watch but remember when handling they can be quick movers and get lost in a moment.

You can find many books and pamphlets with information on how to care for the small animal pet. You will need a cage or proper habitat for confinement and room to play and located away from drafts or dampness. The cage should not be exposed to direct sunlight since small animals do not tolerate high temperatures.

Provide the right material for nesting and burrowing. Shavings that are free of additives, chemicals, preservatives and dust as small animals have sensitive lungs which predisposes them to respiratory infections. Cedar shavings have a natural oil that repels unwanted pests. Clean shavings at least every two days and be sure to remove all soiled shavings and waste products. Clean the cage pan thoroughly once a week and throw out all shavings and put in new.

The pet may contaminate it's water by flinging his bedding while burrowing or digging. Using a water bottle attached to side of cage is recommended. Provide fresh water daily. Small animals usually eat the same type of food but have different nutritional needs. Check with your Veterinarian to ensure your pet is getting the needed vitamins and minerals. Small pets tend to hoard their vegetables so be sure to remove uneaten veggies which could spoil if left hidden away.

Give your pet time to adjust to you and the new surroundings before handling it. Never pickup a rabbit by the ears or gerbils, hamsters, and mice by the tail. Educate the child on proper ways to handle the small pet and make sure they understand the importance of taking care of their new pet.

Again you can find many books on how to care for your pet or check with your Veterinarian on proper care of the pet.

Some small animals live well in groups while others do better being alone. Check a professional on how your pet should be housed. Don't put males and females together otherwise you will end up with many more pets. Rabbits and guinea pigs can be bathed in a mild baby shampoo. After a shampoo pets should be dried as quickly as possible so it doesn't get chilled. Soft brushes such as those made for cats can be used on the small animal pet. Be sure to check your pet on a regular basis for fleas, mites, and ticks